How to make a good decision during the elections?

Well, to begin with, I think most of you are aware of the scandals that are following Justin Trudeau and his “blackface”. In fact, the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer himself said that his team sent the controversial video to Global. That is why we wanted to inform you a bit in your voting process for the next election. The Conservatives are now ahead of the Liberals according to a recent poll, the first ever published since old photos of Justin Trudeau have resurfaced.

You should know that we should not turn to the conservatives for a viral photo. Why? It’s simple, here is an article that informs you of the electoral issues that the parties have said and done during the last term that took place between our members.

I am not telling you to vote for the Liberal Party, but to be well informed. On October 21, you will have the chance to elect a government that defends the workers and the services they provide, which is not the case for Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives. We are more than 9,000 UCTE members across Canada so let’s take advantage of it.

We have found some truthful and essential postings for you geared to assist you in your preparation of the Canadian federal election. We all know that the media will go for the most popular/viral things. Sometimes, it is unimportant information which can affect your judgement.

There is also a campaign that has been put in place for PSAC to vote for a candidate defending public services and workers

You can also see the article we have focus on our members who understand the issues and general questions to ask for the different parties

Here is the PDF with your main issues

A tool has also been developed to ask you questions in order to define in which party the majority of your values ​​and principles are found

We are confident that as a member of UCTE, you will make the right decision.

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