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UCTE’s National Executive is made up of members who are elected at its triennial convention. The national executive is composed of regional vice-presidents, the national vice-president and the national president. Between conventions, it is the responsibility of the national executive to advocate for the rights of its members, create policies and decisions for the betterment of the union, and implement the resolutions that were adopted by its members at the last convention.

Teresa Eschuk

National President


Mike Tennant, National Vice-President of the UCTE

Mike Tennant

National Vice-President


Chris Bussey

RVP Atlantic


François Paradis

RVP Quebec


Nicolas Angers

RVP Ontario

Barry Tchir

RVP Pacific


Mark Grimson

RVP Prairies & the North

Richard Thibert

RVP National Capital Region

Martin Paquin

Human Rights Officer


Union of Canadian Transportation Employees

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