Our union is powered by the passion and dedication of countless volunteers who encourage and promote a safe and healthy workplace.

Organized into groups called locals and they are the first point of contact. Each local is located in the workplace so they understand your working environment better than anyone. When members experience an issue in the workplace – whether it be harassment, pay problems, discrimination or other issues – our volunteers at the local level are willing and able to help.

Please use the table below to find out how to contact your Local and its volunteers.

President: Shawn Cummings

Vice President: Hugh Large

Secretary/Treasurer: Luke Coburn

Chief Steward: Richard Hildebrand, Josh Carrell

Health & Safety Rep: Kane Ditchfield

President: Warren Wulff

Vice President: Nicholas Pearson

Treasurer: Hillary Tarylor

Secretary: Nina Parry

President: Karen Funk

Vice President: Rob Goetze

Secretary/Treasurer: Stacey Lee

President: Kelly Olsen

Vice President: April Smit

Secretary: Lisa Dunn

Treasurer: Jennifer Landry

Chief Steward & Safety Officer: Jennie Kim

President: George Armstrong

Vice President: Barry Cunningham

Secretary/Treasurer: Sheila Pearce

Shop Steward: Meggison

President: Brian Deschamps

Vice President: Cory Hoff

Secretary/Treasurer: Maggie Moore

President: Puneet Bagga

Vice President: Omur Terzioglu

Vice President: Coco Cresswell

Treasurer: Daljit Sandhu

Secretary: Cheryl Oenema

President: Robert (Bert) Farwell

Vice President: Earnest Hooker

2nd Vice President: John Gardner

3rd Vice President: Jesse Brunet

Secretary: Kirstin Eidsvik

Treasurer: Michel McCaig

President: Devin Glass

Vice President: Iain Wringe

Secretary/Treasurer: David Costa

Chief Steward – YVR: Alexander Roth

Chief Steward – Swissport: Ron Chohan

Health & Safety Rep: Christopher Miller

President: Michelle Webster

Vice President: Karen Anderson

Secretary/Treasurer: Heather Braithwaite

President: Matthew Glade

Vice President: Shawn Wirth

Secretary/Treasurer: Richard Weninger

President: Steve Roelofs

Vice President: Jim Moroz

Secretary: Kristen Exelby

Treasurer: Sherry Senum

President: Maureen Schmidt

Vice President: Barney Hynes

2nd Vice President: Justine Etzkorn

Secretary/Treasurer: Erik Milton

Shop Steward North: Jim Hamly

Shop Steward South: Kevin Kirk

President: Eric Barba

Vice President: Grace Morrison

Secretary/Treasurer: Brandi Kelly

Chief Steward: Eric Barba

Shop Steward: Karen Meharg

President: David Sargent

Vice President: Philip Lawrence

Treasurer: Yongtao Lin

Chef Shop Steward: Jean-Philippe Gravel

President: Amanda Wakeford

Vice President: Tim Hof

Vice President: Justin Grove

President: Alissa Firmston

Vice President: Colin Dyck

Secretary: Lee Robinson

Treasurer: Brett Adams

President: Michelle Timmerman

Vice President: Rachelle Clayton

Secretary: Lindsay Wiercioch

Treasurer: David Rife

President: Robert Wolfe

Vice President: Heiko Boychuk

Secretary: Kim Davis

Treasurer: Rick Mogg

Chief Shop Steward: Jason Rosadiuk

Shop Steward: Hekmat Chama

President: Mark Grimson

Vice President: Gene Hum

1st Vice President: Robb Allen

Secretary: Mandy-Lynn Card

Treasurer: Maria Abril

Shop Steward: Brian Nixon

Shop Steward: Bruce Schmidt

Shop Steward: Joann Stempien

Chief Shop Steward: Fred Gruenheidt

President: Jennifer Jurca

Vice President: David Sward

Secretary/Treasurer: Kim Wyllie

Shop Steward: Jennifer Jurca

Chief Steward: Tim Myers

President: vacant

Vice-President: vacant

Secretary/Treasurer: vacant

President: Trevor Martel

Vice President: Chris Grant

Secretary: Jason Kreft

Treasurer: Elliot Mazden

President: Chester Mallow

Vice President: Lindsay Wright

Firehall Vice President: Darwin Larivière

Secretary: Chad Hendricks

Treasurer: Trevor Barney

Chief Steward: Evan Hilbig

President: vacant

Vice-President: vacant

Secretary/Treasurer: vacant

President: John McCullough

Vice President: Joe Stover

Secretary/Treasurer: Nikki Clace

President: Erin Daher

Vice President: Susan Prymak

Secretary/Treasurer: Sylvia Wachko

President: Michael Smith

Vice President: Amber Côté

Secretary/Treasurer: Michel Labossiere

Chief Steward: Zeena Mohammed

President: Heather Botelho

Vice President: Jamie Walsh

Secretary/Treasurer: Ryan Smith

Chief Steward: Michael Smith

President: Jessica Klym

Vice President: Tom Kushner

Secretary/Treasurer: Sharmelle Best

Chief Steward: Charles Olson

Fire Fighter steward: Jeffery Hallock

President: Thomas Gaynor

Vice President: Robert Sousa

Secretary/Treasurer: Wayne Moody

Chief Steward: James Grant Sr.

President: vacant

Vice-President: vacant

Secretary/Treasurer: vacant

President: Keith Linehan

Vice President: Kaleb Milne

Secretary/Treasurer: Leslie Munday

President: Morgan Monkman

Vice President: Laurie Townend

Secretary/Treasurer: Charlene Lafferty

President: vacant

Vice-President: vacant

Secretary/Treasurer: vacant

President: Sheila Atkins

Vice President: Marilyn Aldus

President: Denise Dagenais

Vice President: Andrea Unrau

Treasurer: Dusica Glisic

President: Cory Balderson

Vice President: Carol Choffe

Secretary/Treasurer: Anita Kearley

President: Mike Sargent

Vice President: Rick Evans

Secretary: Bryan Cuthbertson

Treasurer: Darlene Bourne

Health and Safety Representative: Darlene Bourne

Health and Safety Representative Co-Chair: Joseph Mendonca

President: vacant

Vice-President: vacant

Secretary/Treasurer: vacant

President: Marc Pilon

Vice President: Francisco Munoz

Secretary & Treasurer: Jill Turnbull

President: Jason Burnham

Vice-President: Jennifer Frost

Treasurer: Denise Meliji

Secretary: Murray Kelly

President: Richard Thibert

Vice President: Yagusha Bodnar

Secretary: Valerie Rignault Jette

Treasurer: Diane Denis

President: Charles Gagnon

Vice President: Geneviéve Fortin

Secretary/Treasurer: Andrea Wilby

President: Glen “Roderick” McKenney

Vice President: Robert Witolla

Secretary/Treasurer: Alexandra Vantyghem

President: Lucie Sokolyk

Vice President: Jean-François Bureau

Treasurer: Christine Laberge

Secretary: Julie Côté

President: Lucie Nolin

Vice-President: Alberto Di Buono

Vice-President: Sébastien Granger

Vice-President: Mathieu Miron

Secretary & Treasurer: Normand Thouin

President: Réginald Bernatchez

Vice President: Matin Paquin(UVNQ)

Vice President: Martin Thibault (UGMOQ)

Secretary: Ryan Parent

President (acting): Martin Mimeault

Vice President: Antonio Moreno-Rodriguez

Treasurer: Antonio Moreno-Rodriguez

Secretary: Marie-Claude Marcil

President: vacant

Vice-President: vacant

Secretary/Treasurer: vacant

President: Claude Faust

Vice President: Isabelle Menanteau

Secretary/Treasurer: Bruno Touret

Shop Steward SST Dorval: Vénessa Talbot

Women’s committee: Nadège Gustave

Shop Steward: Étienne Patenaude

Shop Steward: Bertrand Legault

Shop Steward: Marc Lacoste

Shop Steward: Marianthi Papadopoulos

Shop Steward: Fabienne Seva

Shop Steward: Manon Martin

Shop Steward: Jaime Leiva

Shop Steward SST Montreal : Alexandre Leduc

Shop Steward SST alternate Montréal : Vincent Uhel

Shop Steward SST alternate Dorval : Simon Tremblay

President: vacant

Vice-President: vacant

Secretary/Treasurer: vacant

President: Martin Trudel Racine

Vice President (Sea): Frederick Doucet

Vice President (Land): Yannick Ouellet

Secretary/Treasurer: Sébastien Vachon

President: Guillaume Langlois Ringuette

Vice President: Marc Roussy

Health & Safety Rep: Gabriel St-Onge

President: Jérôme Bélanger

Vice President: Geneviève Tremblay

Vice President: Pierre Leblanc

Secretary/Treasurer: Oumelkheir Adda

President: Mathieu Chapdelaine-Campagana

Vice-President: Michel Pinard

Secretary-Treasurer: Jimmy Mailhot

Health & Safety Officer: René Lévesque

Chief Shop Steward – Mechanic: Philippe Désilets

Chief Shop Steward – Sorel: Philippe Briand

President: Gregory Viger

Vice President: Daniel Tremblay

Secretary/Treasurer: Josée Gagnon

President: Mathieu Blais

Vice President: Luc Lavoie

Secretary/Treasurer: Louis Bouchard-Trottier

Chief Shop Steward: Jonathan Héroux

President: Antoine Beaugrand-Champagne

Vice President: Francis Bergeron

Secretary: Audrey Ané

Treasurer: Matthieu Coutu

President: Donald Groleau

Vice President: Jean-Pierre Beaulieu

Secretary/Treasurer: Marie-Claude Bouchard

President: Annick Ladouceur

Vice-President: Marc Langlois

Secretary: Caroline Voitchovsky

Treasurer: Johanne Lacombe

President: Rick Tompkins

Vice President: Scott Webb

Secretary/Treasurer: Faye Downing

Shop Steward: Lorne Anderson

President: Nicolas Maltais

Vice President: Ellen Pelletier

Secretary: Michelle Hynes

Treasurer: Manon Hébert-Ferguson

President: Suzanne Dupuis

Vice President: L. Nicole Lanning

Secretary/Treasurer: Shonda Wilkins

President: Steven Hubbard

Vice-President: vacant

Secretary/Treasurer: vacant

President: Ron McEachern

Vice-President: Jeff Trenholm

Secretary & Treasurer: Mike Rogers

President: Andrew Hunter

Vice President: Jason Price

Secretary: Kelly MacKinnon

Treasurer: Ray Alberts

Chief Steward: Craig Bietz

President: Kenneth Mill

Vice President: John MacQuarrie

Secretary/Treasurer: Andrew Wight

President: Guy Belliveau

Vice President: Keith Panton

Secretary/Treasurer: Steven MacLean

Chief Stop Steward: Anson Grant

President: Jamie Lynn Mccavour

Vice President: Nick Lambert

Secretary: Jason McCann

Treasurer: Bryan White

President: Walta-Anne Rainey (Walli)

Vice-President: Lori Campbell

Treasurer: Scott Hayward

Secretary: Owen Brown

President: Shane Snider

Vice President: Melissa Gowen

Secretary/Treasurer: Krista Northcott

President: Steven Binder

Vice President: Jason Redquest

Secretary: Ian Petrie

Treasurer: Paul McMullin

President: Timothy Robicheau

Vice President: Matthew Desvinges

President: Barry MacDonald

Vice President: Sharon Hatt

1st Vice President: Samuel Swinamer

Secretary: Heather MacDonald

Treasurer: Susan Lever

Chief Steward: Brad Snow

President: Robert Kehoe

Vice President: Edward Kehoe

Secretary/Treasurer: Gordon Langley

President: Lucinda MacNeill

Vice President: Pam Waterhouse

Secretary/Treasurer: Kevin White

President: Rob Silver

1st Vice President: Jim Tanswell

Secretary: Darin Clarke

Treasurer: Nadine Allen

Chief Shop Steward: Steve Bradshaw

Education Officer: Dustin Drew

President: Graham Alexander

Vice President: Andrew Fraser

Secretary & Treasurer: Laura Ledrew-Phillipo

Chief Steward:  POSITION OPEN (Contact Local executive to express interest.)

President: Mike Foley

Vice President: Jason Timmons

Secretary/Treasurer: Colin Pope

President: Kathryn Bauld

Vice President: Melodie Granter

Secretary/Treasurer: Ashley Sheppard

President: Mike Johnson

Vice President: Joey Cooze

1st Vice President: Sharon Sellars

2nd Vice President: Sam Kellly

Treasurer: Darren Parsons

Secretary: Trudy Chafe

Safety Officer: Christa  Maloney

Chief Steward: Michael Johnson


Vice President:



Chief Steward: Colleen Bolger

President: Patricia Simms

Vice President: David Simms

Secretary/Treasurer: Joann Payton

Shop Steward: Randy Campbell

President: Kirk King

Vice President: Ronnie Gilliam

Secretary: Cheyenne Hoskins

Treasurer: Rod Tobin

President : Dwayne Langdon

Vice President : Stephen Sheppard

Secretary: Debbie Chaulk

Treasurer : Bruce Curlew

Chief Stop Steward : Leslie Humphrey

To make changes to your Local Executive Contact Information,

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