Transport Canada Marine Safety: Domestic Vessel Regulatory Oversight Nov 17 2010

Presentation to SCOTIC on Bill C-33, Railway Safety Acts Amendments Feb 17 2011

A Concerned Inspectorate: Recommendations for Reforms to Canada’s Transportation Safety Regime

Transportation Safety Management Systems – Still not right

Analysis of the CTA Review: Implications for UCTE June 6 2016

Welcome kit

Welcome to the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees (UCTE)! Whether you are a first time union member or are transferring from another union, we are here to help you in your workplace.

UCTE represents thousands of people who help drive economies while protecting every day Canadians. Our members work at places like
Transport Canada, Natural Resources Canada, ports and pilotage authorities, Canada Space Agency, Canadian Coast Guard and most
federally-regulated airports. They are safety inspectors for all modes of transportation and pilotage dispatchers. They are administrative
personnel, airport firefighters and search and rescue specialists. As you can see, there is a huge diversity amongst our members. However,
they all have one thing in common – keeping Canadians safe.

National Executive and Human Rights officer reports

To download National Executive and Human Rights officer reports:

PSAC created an electronic application for membership form is currently available for members of Employers/Bargaining units identified in the Employer dropdown.

Understanding your monthly membership reports

Here is a video with information on how UCTE distributes a monthly membership report to local executive members to arm them with the information they need to make their Locals strong.


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Shop stewards are an important part of how any union functions. As a shop steward, you are the face of PSAC in the workplace. Whether you are elected or appointed, your role carries many responsibilities.

To learn more:

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Guide for local representatives – Duty to accommodate

The Public Service Alliance of Canada is committed to ensuring that workplaces are equitable and fair. As our communities and workplaces continue to become more diverse, human rights remain essential in providing inclusive representation to our membership. In order to address diversity and inclusion, we must remove the barriers that prevent historically excluded and disadvantaged groups from fully participating in their workplaces and communities.

This Guide is set up as a question and answer document. If you have questions that are not answered in this document, contact your Local or Component for further information.

Disability Insurance – Important Information

PSAC prepared for our members all the important information concerning Disability Insurance.

Guides to help you carry out your important work.

Union of Canadian Transportation Employees

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