World Day for Decent Work – Stories of some social activists of the past who made history

Today, October 7, 2021 is the World Day for Decent Work, and UCTE wants to take the time to highlight the history of activists in the trade union movement. The day was launched by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) in 2008 and is celebrated in over 100 countries. Its purpose is to celebrate the achievements of trade unions and to honor the work of those who have sacrificed for our democratic rights and freedoms, but also of those who continue to work today for progressive causes in order that they may benefit everyone in our society.

That is why UCTE is reminding you of the stories that make the unions of today. Activists around the world have fought for workers’ rights.

Here are a few articles we’ve published to highlight some social activists of the past who made history:

On this World Day for Decent Work, UCTE wants to take the time to recognize the activists who fought for workers’ rights and the importance of their achievements. Today’s unions continue to do everything they can for workers’ rights and we are proud of the accomplishments of each and every one of them. Solidarity.


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