Working with Transport Canada – Training and harassment issues

Working with Transport Canada to address training and harassment process issues

During discussions at Transport Canada’s last national union-management consultation, the employer finally heard the concerns raised by the bargaining agents about two important issues: training for all members and how the department deals with harassment issues. It was agreed that a more in-depth conversation was needed about both topics and meetings were scheduled for March 12, 2020.

During the morning, the employer and bargaining agents discussed the training needs of all staff at Transport Canada over several hours. UCTE raised concerns about what constitutes mandatory training as well as the lack of access to required training. Tracey Sametz, Director General of Human Resources, had also invited all those who were responsible for training to listen and take notes of the concerns raised. Bargaining agents left this meeting with a sense that the employer was wanting to listen.

In the afternoon, the bargaining agents met with Denis Trottier, Director, Workplace Relations & Compensation. The Unions raised concerns such as the work culture vis a vis how the employer treats the complainer; the problems with how TC handles the process; and a lack of comprehension of the difference between a harassment complaint process and the harassment grievance process.

It was recognized that, for both issues, these meetings were only the first in what are bigger discussions if there were to be any resolutions or progress. Of course, with the current situation, further meetings cannot happen at this time however, the union hopes that the commitment that was demonstrated will continue.


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