We’re on strike!

PA, EB, TC and SV units are now on strike.

What this means:

Non-essential shift workers who are at work at that time should walk off the job and prepare to join a picket line when available.

For shift workers in other time zones, that also means walking off the moment a strike is declared. For example, non-essential workers in British Columbia who are at work at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time would walk off at 9 p.m . on April 18.

If you’re in a non-essential position (PA, EB, TC, SV), you do not perform any work during a strike. Instead, report to the nearest picket line.

If you’re in an essential position (PA, EB, TC, SV), you should only perform essential duties. Ask your manager for a list of essential duties. If they do not provide one, for every task you are ordered to perform, ask your manager (in writing) if this task is essential. If they say yes (or tell you that all tasks are essential), ask (in writing) why this task is essential for the safety and security of the public (you can use the following wording: As a worker deemed essential, I must only perform essential duties. Please provide me with the reason why the requested duty is essential to the safety and security of the public). Always loop in your Branch President.

You may be asked to perform duties that are not usually assigned to you. If you are ordered to perform duties outside of your usual duties, you should ask management to show you where these duties are in your job description. If they are not in your job description, and fall outside of your regular duties, ask for the order in writing, inform a union representative, obey the order now, and grieve later.

TL;DR: At 12:01 a.m. PA, EB, TC, SV on strike.

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