Welcome Calgary Airport Firefighters!

In the Spring of 2019, UCTE was advised that Calgary Airport would not be renewing their contract with the City of Calgary to provide airport rescue and firefighting services.   Instead the Airport Authority awarded the contract Pro-Tec Fire Services of Canada ULC, were awarded the contract. Pro-Tec is an employer who also represent our members at the Saskatoon Airport and formerly the Wabush Airport.

Once we learned that Pro-Tec was the successful bidder, we embarked on an organizing drive with PSAC.  In May 2019, Mike Tennant, the Regional Vice President of Prairies region, and Ted Klassen, a PSAC regional organizer, had an initial meeting with the group to provide them information about UCTE/PSAC. UCTE members Chad Kemery, Ian Wringe, Darwin Lariviere and Chris Bussey, who are all airport firefighters by trade, also provided assistance in further attempts to meet with this group. At that time, the Calgary Airport firefighters indicated that they wanted some time to consider the information they were provided.

In October 2020, they contacted the union indicating that they were ready to join. On December 3rd, they officially joined the other 400 UCTE airport firefighters members across the country.

Congratulations to our new members. We look forward to getting to know you and supporting you as you attain your first collective agreement.

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