Update – Wabush Airport Firefighters

On June 16, 2020 UCTE and the Labrador West District Labour Council convened a virtual town hall and invited the community to participate in a public discussion about the impact of removing firefighting services at Wabush Airport. Over 100 people registered for this event which heard from local union leaders, the Member of Parliament and the Member of the House of Assembly as well as the Mayors of Wabush and Labrador City.

Members of the public were upset and want this essential service maintained. The municipalities are refusing to take over these services despite being pressured by Transport Canada. They also want more answers from Transport Canada about the rationale being used to make this decision and a delay in any withdrawal of firefighting services at Wabush Airport until all their questions have been answered completely.

Moving forward it was agreed to seek a two-year deferral of this decision from Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport. UCTE will continue to work with our labour, community and political partners and continue to rally community support to maintain these services at Wabush Airport. That will include radio advertising and an e-petition to allow people to register their support for this campaign.

Highlights Townhall Airport Firefighters – June 16th

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