UCTE welcomes new members – Transport Canada attempts to resolve pay problems caused by Phoenix

In the past few months, UCTE raised concerns on numerous avenues on problems at Transport Canada regarding the Pay and Compensation Branch. There was a lack of response and it has caused a lot of frustration on our members. After actively pursuing this problem, we have been informed that the department will be adding 20 additional positions to address this situation.

Members have grieved various problems in obtaining important payroll information from the employer since the implementation of the Phoenix Payroll System. While some of these problems have been resolved, delays in providing information still present difficulties. We hope that this decision by Transport Canada will alleviate some of the problems for our members.

In short, after we raised this issue, UCTE is pleased to see that Transport Canada has taken steps to resolve some of the problems. Congratulations to our new members. We look forward to getting to know you and supporting you.

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