UCTE members at Calgary Airport have a new collective agreement

Congratulations to the members of UCTE Local 30301, working at the Calgary Airport who ratified a new collective agreement.

The new contract, which expires January 2022, contains a wage increase of 10.5% over five years, improvements to the defined contribution pension plan, all shift and hourly premiums as well as enhancements to the bereavement and family leave provisions of the collective agreement. Collective agreement language around personal and sexual harassment has been also strengthened and the arbitrary caps on types of leave that can be taken has been removed.

The Calgary Airport bargaining team, comprised of Brad Ingram, Tim Hof, Amanda Wakeford, Danny Clarke, Mike Tennant, and Erna Post, would like to thank all the members working at the airport for their support during this round of bargaining and anticipate signing the agreement in the very near future, at which time the new provisions will take effect.

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