TC group wraps up arbitration for pay parity

Recently, the PSAC published an article regarding the TC (Technical Services) group bargaining team. This article mentioned their final case for Engineering and Scientific Support (EG) members to obtain pay parity during arbitration hearings on October 19 and 28.

Following the last round of negotiations, the TC bargaining team negotiated an arbitration process that would allow for members in the EG classification group to continue the push for pay parity with their counterparts at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). EGs in the TC group are currently paid 3.3% less than EGs at CFIA.

At the table, Treasury Board didn’t present a position on pay parity, so the TC team pushed forward with arbitration. Following arbitration, it’s clear Treasury Board does not think EGs working in the TC group should be paid the same as EGs working for CFIA. Members deserve equal pay for equal work.

To learn more:

View PSAC’s written submission to this arbitration process.

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