TC Group: EG parity implementation update

Following this round of bargaining, we are aware that some members in the Engineering and Scientific Support Group (EG) group have not yet received their wage adjustments negotiated at the table.  

Many EG members have received general economic increases, but the government has yet to apply additional wage adjustments secured through PSAC’s victory in reaching parity with EG members at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Members in the EG group make up close to 60% of the entire TC bargaining unit. 

Treasury Board considers EG members’ wage adjustments to be a manual transaction. This means that under Appendix S of the TC collective agreement, the employer has up to 460 days to implement manual wage adjustments for EG members instead of the 180 days it takes for other compensation increases such as premiums, allowances, and changes in overtime rates.  

Members who do not receive this wage adjustment, or their retroactive pay for general economic increases after 180 days will receive an additional amount of $200 in accordance with Appendix S of the TC agreement

Fighting Treasury Board’s delay  

This is disappointing news for EG members who have already waited long enough to get paid fairly and in accordance with what we secured through arbitration last year. The employer refused to pay wage adjustments until a new collective bargaining agreement was reached with PSAC.  

Next steps  

We will continue to push the employer to ensure that wage adjustments are paid in accordance with the collective agreement. 

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