UPDATE: Bargaining for TC, EB & SV members

Les équipes de négociations pour les groupes TC (Service techniques), EB (Enseignement et bibliotéchonomie) et SV (Services de l’exploitation) retourneront à leur table de négociation respective. Les pourparlers ont repris aujourd’hui pour les groupes EB et TC et sont prévus jusqu’au vendredi 17 juillet tandis que le groupe SV rencontrera le Conseil du Trésor la semaine du 21 juillet.

Le tableau ci-bas explique ce que chaque group essaie d’obtenir :

The bargaining teams for the TC, EB and SV groups will be returning to their respective negotiating tables. Talks resumed today for the EB and TC groups and are scheduled to end on Friday July 17th while the SV group will resume discussions with Treasury Board the week of July 21st.

The table below explains what each group is trying to achieve:

  • Wage parity with comparable jobs
  • CFIA comparability for those classified as EGs
  • Group specific allowances
  • Fair classification and a new occupational group structure


  • Wage parity with comparable jobs
  • New national rate of pay for teachers who work for 12 months (ED-EST)
  • Allowance for union members who teach Indigenous languages
  • Improvements to professional development


  • Wage adjustments
  • Improved allowances
  • Hours of work (move from 40 to 37.5 hours per week – with no loss in total annual pay).
  • Protections against contracting out
  • No concessions


To the members of each bargaining team, thank you for your continued work. We support you.

Visit our website regularly for up to date information about the negotiations with Treasury Board.

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