TB Negotiations reach impasse

The PSAC bargaining teams that represent the federal public-sector workers have declared an impasse at the bargaining table. This is a direct result of the government’s delays and insulting counter-offers.

Among their most contentious proposals is a laughable wage offer. The government feels that our members deserve a non-retroactive salary increase of only 0.75% per year for four years – and it won’t take effect until one year after the agreement is signed. Not only does this mean a two-year wage freeze, but it’s also well below the current national inflation rate of approximately 2.4%.

After the Phoenix pay debacle, this further disrespects the work of our public-sector members.

So, what’s next? PSAC has filed for a Public Interest Commission to help negotiations move forward. Although the panel’s recommendations will be non-binding, they can form the basis for the union and Treasury Board to resume negotiations.

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