Strategy for members in the air industry

Much has been happening within the last few weeks as we get used to the our current circumstances. Many of you have seen from our postings on our website or social media.

Layoffs in normal times are within one employer as a result of one issue. In our union this is an unprecedented time of a single issue affecting an entire industry across Canada. In order for UCTE to defend our members rights and find best outcomes this is going to require an orchestrated effort of all parties: the Canadian Labour Congress; federal, provincial and municipal governments; airlines; airports; service providers; and lobby groups such as the Canadian Airports Council.

All these parties have one thing in common – to protect the air industry which means we must work with unusual approaches. This is the plan that UCTE has been working under:

Directly for members

Support industry rejuvenation

Protect industry infrastructure

  • Working with the Nav Canada Bargaining Agents Association (NCBAA), ensure the financial viability of Nav Canada is in place to ensure the rapid re-opening of air traffic controls
  • Supporting, through the CLC coordinated lobbying efforts, fuellers, security, cleaners and any other workers who are needed to ensure the smooth functioning of all airports.

Support for Canadian Airport Council lobbying efforts


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