Response to rumours about hybrid work for federal workers

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We have all heard the rumours that, come this fall, the federal government will change its hybrid work policy and require that all federal public service workers be in the office three days per week.

UCTE/PSAC has not received any official notice from Treasury Board, nor has this been brought up for discussion at the regularly scheduled consultations to update the Directive on Telework.

What we know

Such a decision would be contradictory to government’s current practices and recent announcements. The federal government has been divesting itself of office space over the last few years and, most recently, announced plans to sell half of all federal buildings.

While we recognize that members are concerned about this potential change, know that your union is continuing to implement the letter of agreement on telework that was reached during the last round of bargaining. Also, we are working on creating joint panels within each department to review telework requests individually to ensure these issues are addressed effectively and fairly.

What we are doing

PSAC has reached out to Treasury Board President Anita Anand to get clarification on this rumour and the impact it is having on our members. We will share more details when we have them.

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