Port of Churchill – Employee of the month: Diane Stevens

Diane works at the Port of Churchill since September 2003. As the Chief Console Operator, Diane supervises the Console Room and handles the important task of weighing the grain being loaded onto the many ships leaving the Port.

Diane has spent her whole career with the Port of Churchill in the Control Room, starting out as a Weighmaster on the receiving side before moving into her current role supervising the group and working on the shipping side of the business. Diane talks to people, keeps things moving through the Port, and takes a lot of pride in doing the work she does:

“I’m very proud of the Port and what we’re capable of here,” says Diane. “We can receive, weigh and ship Canadian products worldwide, and we’ve been doing it for a long time. This Port has an amazing history that I’m very interested in and proud of as well.”

She’s proud for a good reason: her grandfather came to Churchill from Sweden and was one of the carpenters who built the Port in the late 1920s. Her mother was born and raised in Churchill, and Diane herself has lived there since 2000. Diane’s roots run deep in Churchill, and the history of the building she works in is never lost on her.

“I didn’t choose the North – the North chose me!”


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