Parks Canada Negotiations with Nic Angers

Parks Canada negotiations will be starting soon. The collective agreement was set to expire on August 4, 2021. Priorities have already been set and UCTE is represented by Local member Nicolas (Nic) Angers, a member of Local 00056.

Brother Angers is very optimistic about these negotiations. He has been President of his Local for 5 years now and brings a positive perspective to the Union. This will be his first time at the bargaining table and he says there will be change.

“I want our team to get the best possible collective agreement, one that will make all our members very happy. As a young worker, I hope to inspire other of my peers to get involved in the bargaining process. I am excited and determined as we approach this round of bargaining. I am ready to roll up my sleeves.”

In short, Brother Anger’s involvement as a union activist will bring a positive perspective to these negotiations. UCTE is proud of his achievement and is behind him.


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