Parks Canada at impasse

Since last January, negotiations have been taking place between employers and employees at Parks Canada. The employer left the employees in a gray area, pretending to be poorly prepared and postponing discussion on the important issues. We call this procrastination. In any case, they did not take their employees seriously; they do not take care of them. In our opinion, if they really want to protect and preserve mountains, forests, lakes and other splendid habitats for future generations, they must start by appreciating the 4,000+ employees who care for those places. Given the situation, PSAC has decided to declare a stalemate.

Have you ever waited on the phone to have important topics addressed? The frustration is growing stronger, as the wait has been almost 6 months and no one is responding to the group of employees.

In short, it is not hard to see that the present situation is one of injustice, with issues dragging on for too long, added to which there is the list of concessions they are asking for. Therefore, PSAC has no choice but to declare a stalemate.

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