Negotiations – Treasury Board Updates – SV and EB Group

Two updates on Treasury Board negotiations have recently been released for the SV group and the EB group. The SV group was before the Public Interest Commission (PIC) from January 22 to 24, and PSAC received the recommendations of the PIC for the EB group.

SV Group

From January 22 to 24, the SV bargaining team and the employer presented their observations to the Public Interest Commission (PIC). The government remained true to form and squandered the opportunity to address key member concerns. It did not offer anything new, only concessions we had already rejected.

You can download PSAC’s brief here and view the government’s brief here.

The government rejected all of PSAC’s proposals. Click here to see what had been proposed. They doubled down of the following concession proposals:

  • Reduced call back provisions
  • Weakening of Correctional Services Specific Duty Allowance (CSSDA)
  • Reduced notice for scheduling changes
  • Weakening of Inmate Training Differential Allowance Plan
  • New cap on travel costs for firefighters

For more information on each concession, click here.

EB Group

PSAC received recommendations from the PIC on issues specific to the EB (Education and Library Science) group. Recommendations are free to be accepted or rejected by the union and/or the employer. For this group, our members had a bit more luck. Some of its demands have been approved:

  • Pay equity with similar jobs
  • New national rate of pay for staff who teach 12 months a year (ED-EST)
  • Indigenous language teaching bonus

However, note that many demands have been omitted by the PIC, in particular with regard to unpaid educational leave and professional development leave. For more examples, see all of the PIC’s recommendations.

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