NavCan Pay Updates

Our members at Nav Canada recently ratified a new collective agreement. New rates of pay will take effect shortly; likewise, retroactive payments will be issued over the coming months.

New rates of pay

The new rates of pay will take effect on January 24; our Nav Canada members can expect to see their new salary reflected in their February 6 paycheque.

Retro pay

Retroactive pay will be issued in two parts:

  • Retroactive payment #1 will cover the period of November 1, 2018 to January 23, 2019 and will be deposited on February 6, 2019. Workday will calculate this information and pay the employees automatically, including transferring any funds to the Sunlife Group RRSP/TSFA if an employee is already participating in the plan. Employees should note Workday will recover amounts previously paid for basic pay, overtime and premiums and will repay these amounts at the new rates.  These negative and positive entries will appear on your payslip.  This is the only statement of the calculations that can be provided to employees for this payment.  If employees have questions about the calculations on the payslip, they can contact the HR Employee Centre at 1-888-774-4732 or by email at
  • Retroactive Payment # 2 will cover the period of January 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018 and will be deposited on April 17, 2019. This period is covered by Oracle. The employer will provide a breakdown of the deductions from your retroactive pay.

Information for retired members

Retiree pension payments will be adjusted by May 1, 2019 along with retroactive pay.

RRSP Contributions

When it comes to retroactive payment #2, members also have the option of transferring a partial amount or the total amount to the Nav Canada Group RRSP. For more information, please consult this form: Request to Transfer Amount to Nav Canada Group RRSP.

After February 25 2019, members who wish to take up the RRSP transfer option should contact the HR Employee Centre to get an estimate of their retro payment #2. Completed RRSP transfer request forms must be emailed to the HR Employee Centre by March 15, 2019.


For more information, please contact the Nav Canada HR Employee centre at 1-888-774-4732 or by email at

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