NAV Members: Update on the Arbitration Award Payout

In 2013, PSAC received an arbitration decision over the classification system at NAV Canada. In PSAC’s view, that decision was at odds with pay equity principles and, as a union with a longstanding commitment to fighting for gender neutral classifications, we sought a judicial review with the aim of overturning it. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in doing so.

Therefore, the original arbitration decision still stands. Key elements of that decision include the establishment of the current ATP classification wage grid and a one-time award of $200,000 to the bargaining unit. The arbitrator did not specify how this money should be disbursed among members.

PSAC has carefully considered various scenarios and concluded, in consultation with your bargaining team, that it would be most appropriate and fair to distribute the money equally to every person who was a member at the time of the arbitration decision (December 13, 2013).

Based on the membership list from that time, 280 members were eligible for this amount.  Therefore, qualifying members will receive $714.29 each. This amount will be transferred to you as a lump sum within the next two months. Please note that this payment is considered taxable income.

We regret the delay in the distribution of the awarded money. We felt strongly, however, that the arbitration decision needed to be challenged on pay equity principles.

Our current contract with NAV Canada will expire at the end of 2020 and we will soon start the process for soliciting your input on what you’d like to see us bring to the table to improve your collective agreement in the next round of negotiations. Stay up to date with this and other developments by signing up for email updates.

If you have any questions about this matter, please contact your local president.

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