NAV CANADA: Your Contract, Your Voice

UCTE/PSAC’s bargaining team is working hard to negotiate a fair contract for our NAV CANADA members.

During several face-to-face meetings, many improvements were made ot the next collective agreement.  However, over time our team found it increasingly difficult to finf common ground with the employer at the bargaining table.

In July, both parties agreed to bring in a mediator to assis us with negotiations.

After two days of mediation, we were successful in finalizing some non-monetary issues, but we have to head back to mediation September 24-27 to deal with monetary proposals.

We will continue to negotiate a tentative agreement which will meet the needs of our members.  As our bargaining team pushes for a fair and equitable contract, we need your help.

Leading up to our next bargaining meeting, your Local may ask you to participate in some simple, but important actions in the workplace.  You can show the employer solidarity by:

  • wearing a special shirt, button or sticker
  • displaying signs
  • attending a rally

When our bargaining team sits down at the table, we need the employer to know you’re standing with us.  That’s the type of solidarity that gets the employer moving on important issues.

By demonstrating your support, the employer will know that you won’t settle for anything less than real improvements to your salary and working conditions.

Let’s come together and get a collective agreement that reflects the hard work of our NAV CANADA members.

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