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The NAV CANADA bargaining team kept the focus on key bargaining priorities including fair wages, job security, and better work-life balance  during negotiations with the employer September 27-28.

We are approaching a critical stage of negotiations with the employer. As the cost of living remains at record highs, we’re working to ensure our members’ wages keep up with inflation and pushing back against the employer’s wage offer that would see workers fall further behind. During the past two decades of agreements, PSAC has always negotiated general economic increases that have met or have been higher than the rate of inflation. Our goal is to continue this trend this round of bargaining.

Our bargaining team continues to negotiate better working conditions including::

  • Job security: In the event of layoffs, we need to have clear provisions to deal with bumping rights to ensure it is done as fairly as possible. We are also committed to protecting our departure incentive package (DIP).
  • Remote work: While we recognize that not everyone can work remotely, we want to secure down remote work protections to make sure no one is unreasonably denied the ability to work remotely.
  • On-the-job training allowance: Our team is pursuing an on-the-job training allowance. Other unionized groups at NAV CANADA have an allowance when they take training in the workplace, and it is about time we do too.
  • Industry parity: Many of our members’ working conditions, especially around overtime and on-the-job training, are behind similar groups in the industry, and we’re negotiating improvements to catch up.

If NAV CANADA refuses to make meaningful progress on these critical issues, our team is ready to escalate our actions, up to and including taking strike action if necessary.

Reminder: town hall meetings  

In the upcoming weeks, virtual and in-person town hall meetings will be held across the country to give NAV CANADA members the latest bargaining updates and outline our next steps as we ramp up to mobilize for a fair contract. Register now for the town hall in your region.

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