Minority government: good or bad for UCTE members?

With a Liberal minority government in place, comes a new political landscape. You may be wondering what happens next for UCTE and PSAC.

Public sector bargaining

PSAC indicates that a minority government is a positive thing for continued treasury board bargaining and discussions about Phoenix. PSAC president Chris Aylward believes that it is even more important now for Prime Minister Trudeau to settle collective agreements and bring stability to the public service.

UCTE activities

We will monitor the situation to see what impact this minority government will have on your issues. All of the Liberal caucus ministers that we worked with in the past have been re-elected however, whether or not they will be re-appointed to the same portfolios is yet to be seen.

We also expect large changes on the parliamentary standing committees that we have worked with in the past. With the changes in the numbers for the opposition parties, it is hard to predict how the committees will be formed and as a result, how we will work with them going forward.

“Regardless of the changes in government, the one constant is that UCTE will continue to fight for the concerns of our members,” said Dave Clark, UCTE national president.

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