Member’s profile: Erick Barba – Internal Communications Officer, Natural Resources Canada

Local 30094

Erick Barba is president of Local 30094, a local whose members work at Natural Resources Canada. An employee for the last 21 years, Erick’s job is to communicate information and provide guidance to staff and management as well as maintaining and updating content on CanmetENERGY’s internal website. He explains,

I get to interact with everyone in the building from Technical Staff, to Research staff to all the Directors. I believe the work that I do and the role that I hold allows me to have a voice for all our staff to make sure that this facility is a great place to work at.

One of the memorable moments of Erick’s career was when he got to help plan the visit of the Prime Minister and the Governor General to his department.

I was excited in working on the visit of the Prime Minister and the Governor General’s visit. I think it was one of the highlights of my 20 years in service with the Government of Canada. The high level and, of course, last-minute planning and coordinating with the PMO and CCO along with the security protocol with the RCMP prior to and during the event was something else. I was proud to be one part of these events.

With all of this responsibility, Erick has been an active member of the union throughout his career. He has held positions such as union rep, shop steward, and been on both the Occupational Health and Safety committee as well as the local union and management committee (LMC) for Devon.  Erick really enjoys getting involved in activities that will help him help others. As he says,

I have been privileged to participate on a couple of focus groups. They have given me more insight on the type of things that happen throughout the department and guidance on how I can help our members in situations that might be similar. UCTE and PSAC have always been there to provide help when needed.

Erick is trying to have a positive impact on the world around him for both his co-workers and his family. With his spirit of giving, there is no doubt that he is already doing this.

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