UPDATE: Our members of Great Lakes Pilotage (GLPA) on strike!

Local 00057

Members of UCTE Local 00057 have been on strike since Monday November 19, 2019.

After several rounds of negotiations, the employer walked away from the table after presenting its final offer. Members are asking the employer to give them the same as what it has given to the other unions with which it has completed negotiations.

Members have been without a collective agreement since June 2016.


Members have been without a collective agreement since June 2016.

Of concern is that GLPA DOES NOT have an essential services agreement. What this means is that management has to step in to do their work. The dispatchers have almost 100 years of experience between them. Their role is to assist to simplify the transit of the ships through the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes. Management does not have this expertise.

You can help by sending a message to GLPA asking that they get back to the table. Our members deserve to get similar to what GLPA gave their other bargaining units and not one point less.

To send a email at Michèle Bergevin, The CEO of GLPA click here: Send mail

To download the press release, click here

To download the flyer, click here

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