Will there be a top-up to the $75/day strike payment in the event of a Treasury Board strike?

Strike pay top-up requires a motion passed at a triennial convention. UCTE members have not moved to set up a national strike fund; therefore, there will be no top-up at the national level.

In some instances, some locals have set up strike funds. Please communicate with your local president for more information.

PSAC will be setting up a Hardship Fund to provide assistance of an emergency nature, including but not restricted to urgent matters of food and shelter, to members who are incurring/have incurred financial hardship due to being on strike or honouring a picket line. While it is not intended to be a source of supplemental strike pay, if you are experiencing significant financial hardship during a strike, please contact your PSAC regional office to learn more.

Please visit the PSAC’s FAQ on Treasury Board bargaining for answers to other frequently asked questions.

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