For our members, for Labour Day

Labour Day is a day to celebrate the contribution of workers to Canada’s socio-economic reality. One of the most frequently asked questions that union activists get is “What has the Union done for me?” We all know that it was the union that brought about weekends, maternity leave and pay equity but have you wondered what UCTE has been working on. Below are some of the activities that you may not have realized UCTE has been working on this past year.

  1. Earlier this year, UCTE applied for and was granted recognition as a stakeholder by all of our Treasury Board departments with regards to any changes to regulations. What does this mean for you? It means that before making changes to regulations that govern the work of our members, UCTE is consulted. Your concerns are being voiced directly to law makers.
  2. UCTE has provided feedback on amendments to student/intern employment, employment equity and changes to the Canada Labour Code. link
  3. One of our best is a grievance on relocation for a Coast Guard employee. The Employer denied him relocation so the member had to bare all the costs (over $30,000 out of pocket and up to $63,000 if we take into account financial losses and entitlements, he should have been able to benefit from). The Employer has allowed the grievance and is currently examining the total expense claim we submitted for $63,000. The only issue is that although the grievance is allowed, we are still working on what the exact settlement is going to be money wise.
  4. Our members are working hard to help secure both their present and their future. We want all of members to be able to retire in financial security. To that end, we are conducting a campaign to help explain pensions and what your union is doing to help secure your future. link

These are just some examples from the last year of the work we are doing for our members and all workers around Canada. Unions play a vital role in Canada and this is worth celebrating.

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