Federal government suspends vaccine mandates for transportation workers and federal employees

On June 14th, the federal government announced that effective June 20th, it will suspend vaccination requirements for federally regulated transportation sectors, federal government employees as well as domestic and outbound travelers.

UCTE members who work at ports, pilotage authorities, airports and other federally regulated transport sector workplaces, will no longer be required to work under mandatory vaccination policies. It is also important to note that the government is no longer moving forward with proposed regulations to amend Part II of the Canada Labour Code to make vaccination mandatory in all federally regulated workplaces.

Similarly, Treasury Board will suspend its Policy on COVID-19 Vaccination for the Core Public Administration Including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Separate agencies such as Parks Canada and Crown Corporations will be asked to suspend vaccine requirements as well.

Finally in the announcement, the Government of Canada indicated that it “will not hesitate to make adjustments based on the latest public health advice and science to keep Canadian safe.” In other words, the government can reinstate the policy should it so choose.

If you have any questions, please contact your regional vice-president.

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