Every second counts: our advice to Transport Canada

UCTE recently submitted a series of recommendations regarding the Canadian Aviation Regulations. Transport Canada had solicited our input as part of its attempt to “modernize” the regulations, which affect aviation and activities related to aeronautics.

Right off the bat, Transport Canada showed their hand; their input call asked stakeholders to identify what part of the regulation they find irritating. We find it concerning that a regulator would refer to safety regulations or parts thereof as possible “irritants”. It’s clear to us that Transport Canada was seeking to remove perceived obstacles to operators and private businesses.

Nonetheless, UCTE took this opportunity to highlight opportunities to strengthen the Canadian Aviation Regulations to further protect the travelling public – especially in the case of emergency. As we have communicated to Transport Canada on many occasions, exemptions for airport rescue and firefighting capacity put passengers at risk. The same applies to staffing issues, which negatively affect our airport firefighters’ capacity to respond in a timely fashion during an emergency.

When it comes to airside emergencies, every second counts. We hope Transport Canada will bear this in mind as it moves to update the Canadian Aviation Regulations.

To find out more about UCTE’s recommendations to Transport Canada, click here.

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