Equality on International Women’s Day

We need to get things moving for working women in Canada. We have pay equity. Women of working age earned on average 13.3% less per hour than men in 2018, according to a La Presse article citing a Statistics Canada report:

According to the federal agency’s research paper, female employees between the ages of 25 and 54 earned an average of $26.92 per hour in 2018, $4.13 less than men’s $31.05 per hour.

It is hard to believe, I know. We believe that, in Canada, we are fair and equitable. It’s not true. We’re not there yet. However, we are making progress on UCTE Local Committees. Let’s take a look at the recent situation with some airports. Airports in Sault St. Marie, Windsor, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Moncton all have female presidents. Among these, Alisha Rosset, Karla Bertling, Devin Glass, Jessica Klym and Lise Bourque are women heading the Executive Committee of their Local. Teresa Sicoly and Julie Pondant are vice-presidents.

I like what I do. When you love your job, you want to be the best that you can be for your company. I have colleagues who are like family to me. I want to produce good work for them and I expect the same from them.

I love having a hand in many different areas concerning accounting and airport matters. Learning about airplanes while growing as an accounting professional is exciting. – Says Karla Bertling, President of the Executive Committee, Local 00012.

Sister Bertling is dedicated to her work. She has held the position of Accounting Clerk for Your Quick Gateway at Windsor International Airport for the past 6 years. She was Secretary/Treasurer of Local 00012 for the past four years. She is now President.

If I have a strong union, I know I will receive great benefits, which will make me want to do my best at work.

The camaraderie among members makes the work here very enjoyable. – says Lise Bourque, President, Executive Committee, Local 60605.

Sister Bourque enjoys her pleasant and healthy work environment. She raises important points. The work environment can affect everyone. To appreciate your work and to be happy, it is important to be well-treated. Also, we recently posted an item on Facebook to congratulate

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