Dumping Day – how members are involved

On November 26, 2019 in Nova Scotia, Dumping Day was looked forward to with anticipation. For those who may not know, it is the day when the most lucrative lobster fishery areas are opening. The commercial fishers load their boats down with as much gear as they can handle and race for the fishing grounds. According to Chris Bussey, RVP Atlantic

It is reminiscent of the gold rush as they stake their claim to the area they will fish for the season. Having a good area could mean the difference of millions of dollars.”

Tina Comeau Photo

Important for all those participating in Dumping Day, is the role UCTE members play.   Our members work to ensure all those participating are as safe as possible, whether it’s our marine TIs inspecting boats leading up to the fishery or our Coast Guard members are in position to assist with any search and rescue or marine distress calls. Or our members at Yarmouth Airport ensuring the airport is operational for deployment of RCAF SAR fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

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