Canada Day 2023: Commemorating Our Labour Legacy

Canada flag waving in Ottawa

Happy Canada Day to all UCTE members across this vast country, as well as all Canadians and their international friends! As we unite in the day’s jubilation, let us take a moment to reflect on the 156 years of Canadian Confederation and the invaluable contributions of our diverse workforce.

From the dawn of Confederation, Canadian workers across all sectors – transportation, manufacturing, education, healthcare, and beyond – have been the lifeblood of our nation, pouring their strength and resilience into the fabric of our society.

Our vibrant labour history bears testimony to this spirit. We remember the Toronto Typographical Union’s strike for a nine-hour workday in 1872, a milestone in our relentless pursuit of workers’ rights. We recall the countless advancements in employment equity and workplace safety in recent years, shaping Canada into a more democratic and inclusive society.

As we mark 156 years of Confederation, we pay homage to all Canadian workers, past and present, who are the heartbeat of our shared history. They keep Canada flourishing, united, and advancing.

This Canada Day, let’s lift a toast to these remarkable individuals, the lifeblood of our great country. Here’s to the untiring efforts of every Canadian worker whose labour keeps our society vibrant and thriving. Happy Canada Day, Canada!

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