Black History Month: Meet Pansy Green

By Pansy Green a UCTE member – Local 00018

My name is Pansy Green, I work for Transport Canada in Corporate Services. Although I was not very active in the union in the first few years of my employment, I was passionate about equity, fairness, transparency and respect in the workplace. I was elected to the position of 2nd Vice Present for our Local 00018 at the General Members meeting and I have held that position for three terms.

Being newly elected to the position and not familiar with the workings of the union, I engaged in activities that allowed me to become comfortable in the environment, amongst other union activists. I started out with various trainings and workshops, I also participated in PSAC Committees, such as the Racially Visible Committee, and the Women’s Committee in the Toronto Region. Throughout the years I have participated in PSAC/UCTE conferences and conventions as a delegate, as well as an observer. I was a delegate at the 2017 UCTE Triennial Convention, along with other delegates from our Local. I assisted in the election of the new National President and the Vice President, also in the re-election of our Regional Vice President.

These experiences and opportunities have given me the knowledge to better understand our Union and my roles and responsibilities as a union activist.  I further developed my understanding, and my ability to represent the members in our local. I now have the confidence to communicate effectively with people at all levels in the Union and in the workplace.

Presently, I am the Treasurer of our Local, 00018.  I audit expenditures, process payments, reconcile bank statements and prepare the annual financial report.  Part of my duties include preparing for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the members at 4900 Yonge Street.

I continue to represent our Local at the PSAC Ontario, Toronto Regional Office, and sit on the Racially Visible Members Committee.  As a member of this committee, I participate in meetings discussing human rights issues.  I was involved in the election of new executives, also sending delegates to conferences and conventions. I actively participate in the sub-committee which prepares resolutions to send to conventions. I attended other union activities and events, such as the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU), and the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) conventions and rallies that are union driven.

I continue to represent our Local at the PSAC Toronto Regional Women’s Committee (TRWC). As a member of the committee, I actively participated in the collection of donations of milk bags, which the group uses to make blankets for the homeless. I also engaged in an open forum on Body Positivity, and I am actively involved in Human Rights issues and campaigns.

Presently, I am the Joint Learning Program (JLP) Organizer on behalf of the union.  Along with the management representative, I organized workshops such as: Understanding the collective Agreement; Respecting Differences/Anti Discrimination; Duty to Accommodate; Creating a Harassment free Workplace; and Mental Health in the Workplace.

As a union activist I believe in fighting for the members rights, thus ensuring that they are treated fairly and with respect.  I am passionate about the work which I do on behalf of my local, and the Committees that I sit on.

Pansy Green

Union of Canadian Transportation Employees

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