A better pension plan for our members because it is the right thing to do

You deserve better.

Let’s talk pensions. Do you remember how the team at the Saint John Airport in New Brunswick has been fighting for a better pension plan? It’s a battle that’s part of a bigger war. We have been fighting for pensions for all. The message we are trying to make you understand is simple: you deserve peace of mind when you retire.

At the 2017 UCTE convention, members passed a resolution directing all bargaining teams in the private sector to request a specific benefit. And the UCTE President is the only person who is able to remove it. After assessing the different options, the National Executive made the decision to support the CAAT-DB plan. The Saint John Airport negotiating team will give a presentation to explain the value of this pension plan. If the employer does not accept the pension plan, our members are ready to go on STRIKE.

Statistics show that more than one third (1/3) of Canadians will not have enough savings to cover their basic needs during retirement. Additionally, a recent article in the Globe and Mail suggested that millennials will need to save at least double the amount saved by baby boomers to have a comfortable retirement.

There are many misconceptions about our members’ pensions. So, we write articles to clarify these myths.

For example, on public sector pension plans:


Most public workers retire at age 55 with a full pension.


The majority of workers who contribute to a public sector pension plan retire at age 60 and their retirement income is less than 70% of their salary.



Defined pension benefit plans, like the pensions for public workers, are too generous.


Defined benefit plans provide good, stable and predictable retirement income because workers contribute a significant portion of their salary to them.



Defined benefit plans are unfairly protected in times of recession.


Defined benefit plans are designed to better withstand economic downturns.


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Here are some tips for:

Members hired before January 1, 2013 (Group 1).

Members hired on or after that date (Group 2).

In short, members of Local 60615 are ready to fight for a specific benefit and we are currently waiting for an employer response. In the meantime, we will continue our campaign so that all Canadians can have sufficient pension plans. WE ARE READY.

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