A flat rate of $175.00 has been established to cover expenses incurred while travelling to and from the Convention such as:

To Convention:

  • Taxi or mileage* to airport or train station
  • Meal allowances for the day of travel and incidentals
  • Airport shuttle to hotel, taxi from train station

From Convention:

  • Airport shuttle to airport, taxi to train station
  • Meal allowances for the day of travel and incidentals
  • Taxi or mileage* to home and airport or train station

*  Parking at the airport or train station is included in the Ground Transportation Allowance.  If actual costs exceed the allowance, receipts are required for all expenditures (including those falling within the $175.00 allowance).

The per diem of one hundred and thirty-four dollars ($134) per day was established by the National Executive. This will apply for the duration of the Convention excepting the travel days which are included in the ground transportation allowance.

Where not already covered by the per diem or ground transportation allowance, meals and incidentals will be paid at the rates specified in the most current approved Treasury Board Travel Rates.

Travel Arrangements

Delegates are entitled to travel to Convention to arrive in Montréal on Saturday, July 22, 2023.  Please consult the agenda to plan your arrival time.

  • The “normal mode of transportation” for delegates travelling more than 500km (one way) to Montréal is by air.
  • The “normal mode of transportation” for delegates travelling less than 500km (one way) of Montréal and with rail access is by train.
  • The “normal mode of transportation” for delegates travelling less than 500km (one way) of Montréal and who do not have rail access is by bus or car.

Any delegate whose “normal mode of transportation” is by air and wishing to travel by car will be reimbursed per kilometre at the applicable UCTE rate up to the equivalent of the most economical airfare cost – plus the $170.00 Ground Transportation Allowance.

  • The cost of parking at the hotel is included in the Ground Transportation Allowance.

Delegates are not expected to travel out of Montréal on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, if their flight arrives at their destination airport after 11:00 pm local time.  UCTE will pay for accommodations for that evening, and delegates will be expected to depart on the morning flight on Thursday, July 27, 2023.

To make delegate travel arrangements, please get in touch with CWT Harvey’s Travel

Observers and guests can also make travel arrangements through CTW Harvey’s Travel at their own expense.

Hotel Accommodations


The Convention will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Montreal at 1255 Jeanne Mance Street.  There, we have a block of bedrooms booked.  A bedroom has been reserved for you at $259.00 plus taxes and will be charged directly to the UCTE Master Account.  Delegates are responsible for any personal expenses they may charge to their room (i.e., internet, movies, meals, telephone calls, etc…).

Please note that this is a non-smoking hotel.  Should you smoke in a designated non-smoking bedroom, a $350 charge will be your responsibility.

  • A limited number of suites in the hotel can be used as hospitality suites.
    • Should you wish to have a hospitality suite, please contact Lira Buschman at ucte-ucet@psac-afpc.com or by telephone at 613-560-2999 right away to discuss costs and make arrangements.
This is a staging environment